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Introducing the patented SOUNDHOLE GUARD which protects your soundhole, rosette and sound board on your acoustic guitar from damaging pick strikes.  Order today, ships within 48 hours! 

 ...keeps the fear away from damaging my guitar...does not detract from the beauty of the instrument...

 ...does not impact playability, or sound of the instrument... Harley S. Long Beach, CA.

Unlike other Sound Hole Guards or Protectors, the original patented Soundhole Guard by STRUMHARD is made of durable ABS plastic which mimics the properties of your pick guard.  This proves to effectively deflect damaging pick strikes while maintaining the integrity of your guitar without altering your strum pattern.

Overseas knock-offs or copycats are commonly made of more pliable materials such as silicone rubber.  These softer materials cause unwanted drag or skidding when struck with a pick.  This ultimately hinders and prevents for a fluent and uninterrupted strumming motion.  There’s only one Soundhole Guard by STRUMHARD“Make Noise, Strum Hard.”   


 ...softer ones on the market muffle, tap & grab the fingers or pick...fits my Cole Clark guitars perfectly... Trevor, New South Wales, Australia

Passed Q.C. Testing

June, 2012