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For the love of music, Innovator finds a way to protect guitars from wear

Design World Magazine, May 2011 issue 

Musicians usually have great fondness for their instruments, so protecting them from wear and tear is important. Bob Glass developed a unique guard to protect his acoustic guitar with the aid of rapid prototyping. Here’s his story: 


Dave L.  Warren, MI.    

    "I have purchased quite a few sets of your acoustic guitar sound hole guards and I really like them.  I mainly use them on the bottom part of the sound hole and they work out perfect and don't move around, great product......your product works so well that it allows me to feel at ease doing exactly what your product name & motto imply on my expensive guitars, Strum Hard!  Strum Hard Sound Hole Guards Rock!

 Randy H. Jefferson, OR.

      "Here they are installed on my 1987 Taylor 810 with the retrofit Taylor Expression System. Took some doing but...perfect fit.  You can see the area I'm protection from further damage. Thanks again for your awesome customer service and for a great product.  I'll get busy spreading the word".


 Harley S.  Long Beach, CA.    

    "After using your product for a month or so, I have come to the conclusion that I just can't live without it - in respect to playing my acoustic guitar. I am mainly a rhythm guitarist, so when I invested a good chunk of change for a professional instrument, I was apprehensive to play it like usual. Your product not only keeps the fear away from damaging my guitar, but also does not detract from the beauty of the instrument because of its transparency.  It does not impact play-ability, or the sound of the instrument, which I have read about other products similar that have this issue. Going back to our conversation on the phone, I could see your product being sold in all types of music stores. Good job, and good luck."

Trevor.  New South Wales, Australia

     "Just a thank you for a great product. I just ordered my second Sound hole guard. As a percussive player I tend to "Flick" my fingers against the sound hole to produce a "Tap" noise when required. This can wear the edge of the sound hole quickly. I did look at the softer ones on the market but they muffle the tap and grab the fingers or pick. They fit my Cole Clark guitars perfectly. Thanks again."

Walter H.  Worcester, MA. 

    "Thanks so much for inventing the Strumhard soundhole protector.  It is exactly what I was looking for and does the job perfectly.  Here's a photo of the installation on my Martin D-35.  You'll note that it fits in nicely beside the Fishman pickup." 

Larry H.  Harbor City, CA.

    "This is my second order of the Strumhard.  I was very pleased with the first order in black and whished it had been available in clear. Now that it is available in clear I'm ordering 2 sets in the clear. It's a great product and I get asked about it at least once in every jam session I attend. Thanks."  

Warren S. Naperville, IL.

    "I ran across your website about a week ago and I ordered two clear Strumhard guards for my 1973 Martin D-28 as soon as I saw them.  The guards arrived yesterday and they fit perfectly.  I wish I had been able to buy them when the guitar was new.  You have a great product that fills a real need, and I wish you continued success.  Thank you."   

Tony H.  Ontario, Canada

    "The guard looks great on my guitar.  I will certainly show this to some of the music shops that I go to.  I am sure there is a market for this type of thing in Canada. Thanks again." 

Bill G.  Palos Verdes, CA. 

    "I received your product and it fits perfectly into the sound hole of my Martin & I am stoked!  Thx again & good luck."  

Peter C.  Cambridge, MA. 

    "Today I received the sound hole protector and I am quite happy with it. You can tell the construction is solid and high grade. It also doesn't change the sound or feel of my guitar at all. My only wish is if for a clear one. But other than that, I am well pleased with this!"  

James Q.  Queensland, Australia

    "Hey I just ordered one of your soundhole guards GREAT PRODUCT what is the approximate delivery time to Australia?"
"I recieved my strumhard today it is exactly what I wanted thank you for all your efforts I will most certianly be showing everyone I can."

Idan K.  Petach Tikva, Israel

     "Hi, got the soundhole guard. Great little gadget. Thank you." 

Mats O.  Torsby, Sweden  

     "Hi, my soundhole guard arrived yesterday.  It's perfect!  I play with fingerpicks and it really tears the sound hole edge up!  The guard fits perfect and will save my new Taylor from that damage.  Cheers, //Mats"  

James M.  Marysville, WA.

     "I've installed all three sets of your clear Strumhard Soundhole guards. They work and look great! Thanks to Strumhard, I play with a lot more confidence during those passages where I tend to really "lean on it." 

 Francios P., South Africa

     "I received  my 2X Soundhole Guards this week.  I must say I am super impressed with the quality, fit and finish.  It blends perfectly with the pickguard on my Takamine.  I can finally dig into my strumming without fear."