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A pick guard, usually made of thin acrylic plastic, serves to protect the surrounding region below and around the lower half of the sound hole of an acoustic guitar.  It is attached to the soundboard and depending on the manufacturer of the guitar, there is usually a gap between the sound hole and the start of the pick guard.  A rosette is commonly incorporated in the guitar design, circling concentrically around the sound hole on the soundboard.  The wood around the lower edges of the sound hole, rosette and the exposed areas of the soundboard (that the pick guard does not cover), are susceptible to damage from pick strikes while strumming.  Because of the close proximity of the strings to the soundboard and sound hole, striking against the upper and lower edges and surrounding area of the sound hole occurs while playing the guitar.  Even a guitar moderately played, a pick will damage the sound hole edges and soundboard.  Some of the damages that are likely to occur over time include; marring/scratching of lacquer/resin finish of the guitar, eventual exposure of bare wood and chipping of wood which may later result to cracking and checking, possibly extending downward onto the soundboard.  The function of the patented Soundhole Guard is to offer protection by preventing further damage to these exposed areas while offering a sleek, aesthetically pleasing look.

                                                                                                                                                           * Fits most acoustic guitars with 3-1/2" to 4-1/2" diameter sound holes.




...I play with fingerpicks & it really tears the soundhole edge up!  The guard fits perfect & will save my new Taylor from that damage... Matts O. Torsby, Sweden


...installed all 3 sets...they work & look great!...I will play with a lot more confidence during those passages where I tend to really "lean on it"... James M. Marysville, WA.

New Martin D-17 with mahogany top.  Very lightly played already showing signs of damage to lower edges of sound hole. 

 Seagul S6 extensive damage extending to soundboard and rosette.

Guild D25M with mahogany top showing pick strike damage to upper sound hole region. 


 Mahogany top with Black Soundhole Guards 

 Black Soundhole Guards 

                         New Clear Soundhole Guards